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Chatbots are gaining some momentum in the financial services industry in Finland. OP Financial Group has been at the forefront of launching a relatively large amount of experiments. Other Finnish banks and financial institutions have been rather passive but at the moment OP Financial Group is setting the bar quite high. Kotipizza’s collaboration with OP Financial Group is an example of a transactional chatbot for ordering food (simply order through Facebook Messenger and pay with Pivo app), last year OP’s Pivo Penni (a chatbot for students) turned out to be a short-lived test, and in addition OP launched an invite-only financial management chatbot Pivo Alfred (spending analysis) last December. Unfortunately, there has been no further news about S-Bank’s collaborative chatbot project since last year. In the US, many banks and other financial institutions have already deployed chatbots. As many commentators have already pointed out previously, there are various forms of chatbots ranging from customer service,…

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