Presentations & Talks

I love academic and professional events, seminars, and conferences. I am pretty passionate about events, and I believe that there is still a lot to do regarding organizing remarkable events.

In the past, I’ve delivered multiple presentations at many events and workshops, including

  • semi-academic presentations
    • MOOCs as the Next (and Last?) Step in the Decentralization of Higher Education
    • What Can Continental Philosophy of Mind Teach Us About Machine Minds
    • Libertarianism and Social Conservatism: Friends or Foes?
  • expert lectures
    • Robo-Advisory, Virtual Assistants and Other Automation Stuff: What It All Mean for Wealth Managers
    • Social Selling in the Financial Services Industry: Opportunities and Challenges in the Hyper-Connected Age
    • The WealthTech Advantage
    • “Why Don’t They Follow Me?”: The Future of Social Investing
  • inspirational keynotes
    • Evolutionary Psychology for Philosophers
    • What Should Everyone Know About Mainline Economics?

I have also chaired various events (e.g., Lean for Financial Services Industry) and lectured at multiple Finnish academic institutions on such topics as Austrian economics, wealth management, service logic, emerging technologies and service design in the digital context.

Feel free to contact me, for example, about setting up a speaking engagement, to give a lecture or presentation to your course/school/university, or just to grab a cup of coffee and talk emerging technologies, wealth management, service science, or the future of human enhancement.

Please contact me for further details.

Upcoming events and appearances:

  • N/A

Selected recent events and appearances:

  • The Future of Cryptoassets – Private
    April 2019
    Presentation on the distributed ledger technologies, the future of cryptoassets, and current market trends.
  • The New Business Opportunities of the Financial Services Industry (FINVA) – Accenture
    Helsinki, Finland
    My talk was about different topics around the new “channels” in the financial services industry. My central theme was “Digital First: Towards Channel-less Living Financial Services,” and I focused mainly on the specialization through digitalization, experience management, relationships beyond transactions, and why it’s so important to move from omnichannel to channel-less services.
  • The Next Generation of Wealth Management (Undisclosed) – Accenture / Private
    Helsinki, Finland
    I was invited by a significant Nordic wealth manager to deliver a keynote at their annual kick-off event. I addressed three main issues in my talk, namely the importance of organizational sensemaking in the age of digital trend overload, finding new creative ways to rejuvenate private/retail wealth management by focusing on sustaining innovation, and understanding that the client-centricity does not mean what we usually think it means.
    Associated article: Asiantuntija listasi 3 vaurastumisen trendiä: Osakesäästötili, hybridivarainhoito ja uudet sijoittaja-asiakkaat
  • Algoritmien kanssa osakemarkkinoilla (Yle Puhe) – Accenture
    Helsinki, Finland
    I was invited to Pörssipäivä radio show together with Kalle Anttila from Danske Bank Wealth Management. Our discussion revolved around algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading (HFT) and the evolution of digital wealth management.
  • Meetup: Reinventing Society With Blockchain (Blockchain Forum Meetup) – Private
    Helsinki, Finland
    Introductory remarks on the importance of Nordic collaboration around blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and why people need to have a clear conceptual understanding of such issues such as cryptography, cryptoeconomics, cryptoassets, and blockchain technologies generally.
  • Developing Customer-Oriented Business: Why Customer-Centricity and Customer-Orientation Aren’t The Same (Laurea University of Applied Sciences) – Private
    Tikkurila, Finland
    An inspirational session for 2nd year BBA students on the importance of customer-centricity, and why every business is eventually “just” a service business.
  • Fintech Forum 2017 (Alma Talent)  – Accenture
    Helsinki, Finland
    I chaired a panel discussion on issues such as fintech startup/incumbent collaboration, options for cooperation and collaboration, case studies of engagement models in action, and how to steer reoccurring co-innovation activities at many scales. See my highlights from the event.
  • Robo-Advisory and Automatized Investing (Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff – YTN) – Accenture
    Helsinki, Finland
    I delivered a lecture on the rise, evolution, and future prospects of robo-advisory and other modes of digital wealth management around the globe.

I mainly appear in my personal capacity, representing only my own views unless explicitly stated otherwise.