Why banks and insurers innovate so differently?

There are certain things you learn the first day at business school: all firms compete at some level with each other for revenues and to outperform their competitors, companies need to have a competitive advantage (and sure, there are various forms of coopetition). In today's fluid, dynamic and highly uncertain competitive environment,…

Design thinking – A collection of recommended books, articles and resources

Mikko Leskelä recently asked for some recommendations on books, articles and other (digital) resources that cover design thinking and business anthropology. While I think that it's actually much more important to get things going rather than just reading and studying them, I have to admit that the complexity of design…

The new retail deposit marketplaces are here, and they are not messing around

It's well-known that retail payments, accounting, e-commerce solutions, merchant acquiring and retail lending are the most well-developed and quickly matured segments of the fintech industry, both regarding executed deals, the number of investments, and compound annual growth rate (see Tanaya Macheel's post on fintech funding). This should not be very surprising as there…

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, I am Thomas. I am passionate about financial services, business strategy, and innovation. Currently, I am focusing on robo-advisory, the future of wealth management, corporate venturing (ecosystems), and social selling.

I decided to move most of my online writing over to this blog. There are various reasons for this, but basically, I think that betting on your platform is much more efficient than relying purely on LinkedIn or Medium. I have additionally had so many problems with the limited options of LinkedIn that I found it much more convenient to start my blog instead of being constantly annoyed by things that I can’t change.

This is a place for me to share my thoughts and ideas. The greatest thing about writing for me has always been hearing that something I’ve written has inspired someone else in a meaningful way. I like to read a lot, and reading and writing have always been important to me both as a personal development exercise and way to influence other people.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.

I will write mostly in English but also in Finnish.  If I have time, I will try to push something occasionally out in Estonian and Swedish too.

Best regards,

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