Be your own master, and look at things as a man, as a human being, as a citizen, as a mortal creature. And here are two of the most immediately useful thoughts you will dip into. First that things cannot touch the mind: they are external and inert; anxieties can only come from your internal judgement. Second, that all these things you see will change almost as you look at them, and then will be no more. Constantly bring to mind all that you yourself have already seen changed. The universe is change: life is judgement.
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (Book IV)

I am a (digital) service/business development enthusiast, and I am interested in pretty much everything related to financial industry, industrial dynamics, economic thought, institutional economics, organizational learning, strategy, customer-centricity, performance management, philosophy of (social) science(s), evolutionary psychology, and service science. I am naturally inquisitive about how things work and what kind of relationships things might potentially have.

Previously I have worked with sales, business development, marketing, and customer service. I worked almost six years at Nordnet Bank in many different roles, ranging from customer service and operations, through to complaints management and business development. Currently, I am pursuing a productivityist career at Accenture Consulting as a management consultant. Basically, I am getting paid to spend my brain-juice to think carefully and to execute the best ideas.

As an English writer and humorist, Jerome K. Jerome once said: “I love work. It fascinates me. I can sit and stare at it for hours.” So sometimes I explain to myself that my work is not actually a real job at all but rather a privilege to do a lot of exciting stuff with a bunch of very cool people. Change, simplification, and continuous improvement describe my daily habits. I love self-improvement, life hacking, and, of course, my wife Pauliina and our cute dachshund Tesla Kerttu.

I graduated with a Masters in Social and Moral Philosophy (University of Helsinki) and Masters in Technology Governance (Tallinn University of Technology). Also, I have studied some social psychology, industrial management, and educational sciences – all fields full of such great insights. Currently, I am looking for a suitable Ph.D. position to pursue more academic interests. My core interests lie at the intersection of strategic management, industrial economics, entrepreneurship, organizational design, and applied philosophy. I have a great passion for everything innovation, sales management, lean, political philosophy, philosophy of science, and (heterodox) economics. More recently I have been particularly interested in cryptoeconomics, cryptoassets and crypto ecosystems from the economic, managerial and business model perspective, and the numerous broader implications of (private) governance, decentralization, and blockchain/DLT in the financial services industry.

I do sports, read and write in my free time. I like to scribble down random notes on what I’ve read, heard, and experienced. So, basically, you’re reading my notes. I’m not writing for any particular audience, I just write for people who might be interested in the same topics as I am. I like to write things down to record my thought patterns and ponderings (you should try out Bullet Journal to get things done). I’m not an outstanding writer, yet I think that many thoughts can be cleared out by writing them down. It’s not my intention to convince you that I’m right and you’re wrong. I am also an amateur translator, as I have found out that translating is a very good way to learn a lot in a short period of time. Over the years, I have translated numerous articles (economics and philosophy), and more recently, I have focused on translating books.

This blog is meant for gathering and sharing my thoughts on various subjects I find interesting. I don’t consider myself to be an “expert” on any specific subject matter, so I probably write on a wide variety of things that pop into my mind. Specific complex themes might interest more at the moment, so I will perhaps write occasional posts on this stuff too. My primary intention is to contribute thought leadership on the topics of wealth management and the ongoing revolution of the new service logic in the financial services industry.

My objective is to publish at least once a week.

I share my snap thoughts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium. Find my random pics on Instagram. I also used to blog at Nordnet Blog mainly on taxation-related stuff (in Finnish).

PS. I find it extremely hard to summarize myself in a few simple words, but I hope you found this useful.