The Evolution of Digital Wealth Management: Robo-Advisory, Digital Advisors, and Financial Planning

I just recently completed a short overview of the evolution of digital wealth management space since late 2010 to circa late 2017. In this timeline, I focus almost solely on the emergence and development of robo-advisors and various other forms of automated wealth management. I have tried to cover startups, multiple actions of incumbents and I have also collected AUM figures for some players I think are interesting to follow through in upcoming years.

This timeline is based on publicly available information, and as I didn’t plan well ahead, it ended up to be a bit messy and unstructured. In the future, I plan to continue the work by focusing on various geographical differences, robo-capabilities, funding, etc. in the digital wealth management space.

FinTechnews Switzerland just published a very nice story about the development of robo-advisory, and they were kind to include my “messygraphic” as part of their story. This was actually just my point: You don’t need to see to believe that a lot of things are happening at a very fast pace and the daily news we hear about the robo-advisory space are just the tip of the iceberg if you rewind the whole tape. 1)John 20:29

Feel free to use the timeline in your presentations with a proper citation. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

If you have any feedback, comment below or contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Download: Better quality picture in JPG format or in PNG format.

UPDATE (24.11.2017): New updated version is now available.

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