Useful GDPR resources & assets which you should check out

A lot has been written about the GDPR that will apply from 25 May 2018 onwards. There is a multitude of good sources to make sense of the GDPR, and how this new data protection regulation will change the way organizations collect and process personal data within their organization.

During my own study of the GDPR and its operational impacts, I have come across a lot of very useful articles, blog posts, and webinars dealing with the various aspect of the regulation. Most of these resources are free-of-charge and some of them will require you to submit some personal details in order to gain the access. Some of the more extensive one stop GDPR asset libraries are partly open for anyone to explore. 1)See for example IAPP’s library and 2twenty4 Consulting’s GDPRwiki.

Here I’ve collected some of the helpful stuff I’ve found during my exploration, feel free to check these out and post any additional resources and assets to the comments section. I will add them to the growing list of the GDPR resources and assets.

Please note that the usual disclaimer applies. 2)I do not offer legal or compliance advice on any regulatory issue. These 3rd party resources, assets, etc. are provided as they are and I claim no ownership over them.

Webinars and videos

Some webinars and videos in Finnish


  • Under construction
Presentations in Finnish

Tools, templates, and methods

Tools, etc. in Finnish

Infographics etc.

Viewpoints, guides, booklets white papers, and expositions

Viewpoints, etc. in Finnish

I hope that you’ll find these resources useful. Let me know if something interesting or useful is missing.

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2 thoughts on “Useful GDPR resources & assets which you should check out

  1. This is a really useful list of resources but when I tried the WEISF readiness checklist xls the link no longer appears to be working, Perhaps you have an alternative spreadsheet that could be listed?

    Thanks, John

    1. Hi John!

      Great to hear that you found this list of links useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have a local copy available of that particular document.

      What kind of checklist are you looking for? Maybe there is some kind of general framework publicly available that you could check out.


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