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As I explained in my earlier article, social investing is not a totally new idea as seeking for help, advice, and tips have been part of investing as long as people could invest money. The ongoing trend of democratizing investing and banking for the masses is closely tied to the rise of fintechs (e.g., robo-advisory), newly emerged business models, the ever-wider distribution of new financial products, and the trust gap created by the recent global financial crisis. Also, as Dan Schutzer highlights, there are new ways to effectively fund new ventures, incumbents are still struggling with various environmental changes and credit is tight, technology-assisted solutions are everywhere, and our means utilizing and accessing information are changing. Social trading and social investing represent the new trend of technology-assisted, socially-driven, and DIY models of investing. We also have some concrete evidence on the effects of social media on retail and institutional investor behavior and trading activity as well as…

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