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Allowing access to rich data sets through APIs will create a whole generation of financial service solutions. What will become very interesting is seeing how other industries as well as emerging Fintechs and start-ups might begin to use this data to augment services, or create new ones. – Kent MacKenzie, Director (Deloitte, 1.6.2017) It was confirmed on 15 August 2017 that German-based open banking and savingstech start-up Deposit Solutions (established in 2011), backed by Peter Thiel and various other well-known venture capitalists, has acquired its German-based rival Savedo. Deal terms were not disclosed. 1)Lepak, S. (2016). “Why terms of acquisitions are not disclosed?”. CoFoundersLab Discussions, 20.9.2016. As noted in the official press release by Deposit Solutions, With the acquisition of SAVEDO, Deposit Solutions is further expanding its B2C capabilities, adding more than 18,000 registered clients, 13 partner banks and two new regions – Austria and the Netherlands – to its existing…

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