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Numerous urgent issues are facing the long-lived practices and business model of sell-side research in the investment management and banking industry. The foundational premise of the sell-side research is to provide actionable insights and ideas for their clients so that the investors would better understand financial markets and its peculiar dynamics. 1)Not all research is created equal, and as more and more information is accessible, sell-side research will need to differentiate even more than is experienced as today. And, as sell-side analysis is available in various sources for multiple parties, it should also, among other things, decrease the information asymmetry problem inherent in the financial markets. Some experts have concluded that the sell-side research is not currently living up to its promises as sell-side incentives, interests, expectations and commercial relationships between the producers and consumers of the research are misaligned. Whatever happens to the sell-side research in the near future, transparent,…

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