The Evolution of Digital Wealth, Investment and Retirement [Infotimeline]

The Evolution of Digital Wealth, Investment and Retirement [Infotimeline]

I have been working on an infographic to clearly document the evolution and emergence of digital wealth industry, e.g., wealth management, asset management, private banking, and brokerage, around the globe. More recently I have been asked to include companies that offer retirement and pension products, and after thinking about it, I decided to do it as saving & investing takes place throughout our lifecycles; it’s not limited to specific period of our lives, but rather wealthtech, investtech, insurtech and rettech (short for retirement technology) are part of our daily lives

Since last year I have published several updates of the original timeline which is still available as a picture or as a PDF file. I have been working with the timeline for a very long time, and I have received a lot of encouraging feedback as people have found it to be useful. At the same time, some people have pointed out quite rightly that the timeline is pretty stuffed and confusing as there are so many arrows pointing here and there, years come and go, and a lot of things are still happening or have happened that I have not managed to update the timeline due to space constraints as I have been updating the timeline when I have had time to do it.

Consequently, the timeline has been growing somewhat “organically,” i.e., someone has contacted me and told that I should take a look at this or that, and this has led me to keep updating the map although I follow the market relatively actively myself too. As I have read more and learned more about the industry, it has also affected my own thinking around various topics, i.e., what is robo-advisory, differences between various business models, etc.

Now it has come the time to upgrade the timeline and provide more context for each entity, event, and transaction so that the timeline is more future proof and user-friendly for those who want to get a better picture of the ever-evolving landscape. This timeline will include everything ranging from pure-play robo-advisors to delivery partners offering financial planning services

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions on how to improve this work, contact me.

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