UBS rolls out UBS Unique Program in January 2017 – plans to scale it globally

In late January 2017, UBS Wealth Management “announced a five- year plan to make it a business priority to significantly scale its expertise developed to better serve female clients.” According to the program lead from UBS, Sandra Huber-Schütz, UBS has “aligned our advisory process more closely with the investment needs of our female clients. We want to tell women investors what they need to know, so they can make the most of their own wealth. We strengthen their financial self-confidence, so to speak.”

UBS Wealth Management “has been piloting and developing approaches to better serve female clients for the past two years and will now scale these learnings across its organization.” The UBS Unique program was also rolled out in Asia.

In August 2018, reported that “UBS has quietly buried a five-year program to bolster business with women less than two years in by deferring it to its various regions.” This news is possibly related to numerous reorganizations inside the financial giant that have taken place since early 2018.