Swissquote launched ePrivate Banking in late 2010

Swissquote, a Swiss banking group specialized in the provision of online financial and trading services, launched ePrivate Banking, a digital asset management service, in late 2010.

Today ePrivate Banking is one of the largest robo-advisors in Switzerland with more than 170 million CHF in AUM. Swissquote has been able to substantially grow their digital wealth management business, and it has been said that their record profits are at least partly due to their robo-advisory business doing well.

The brand name of Swissquote’s robo-advisor was changed in August 2018 to Swissquote Robo-Advisor, and Swissquote also upgraded their robo-advisory platform in mid-2018.

Swissquote has indicated that they will incorporate crypto assets “to the investment universe of Swissquote’s Robo-Advisory as a new asset class, thereby underlining Swissquote’s determination to further expand its position in the Robo-Advisory market.”