Non-bankable asset platform WealthInitiative founded in November 2015

Swiss-based digital peer-to-peer wealth and asset management platform WealthInitiative was founded by Douglas Azar, Daniela Galeote and Andrew Gladkih in late 2015.

WealthInitiative is a (non-)bankable tangible assets marketplace that aims to create synergies within the client base with the help of automated valuation and distributed ledger technologies. WealthInitiative wants to make it possible to value non-bankable assets more easily and foster frictionless exchange.

WealthInitiative’s product is available as a white-label, in-house, API or cloud-based solution. 1)Azar, D. (2017) “WealthInitiative“. UBS, 30.11.2017.

WealthInitiative has made significant progress since 2015, and in 2018 WealthInitiative apparently tried to arrange an ICO to launch its proprietary WIT token called Wealthinitiative Coin.

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