Motif Investing, a theme-based online broker, founded in June 2010

Motif Investing, established in June 2010 as FundDNA and rebranded as Motif Investing in October 2010, was co-founded by Hardeep Walia and Tariq Hilaly. Its “motif” investing service was launched on 4th June 2010. 1)For more information, see Tiburon Strategic Advisors overview at Motif Investing: A Discount Brokerage Firm Promoting Idea-Based Stock Investing

Motif is an online broker that offers theme-based investing solutions for individual investors and financial advisors. In addition, Motif manages theme-based strategies for financial institutions.  The company has gained a lot of media exposure thanks to its theme-/idea-based investment proposals that they are constantly launching and upgrading. Motif is an example of differentiated robo-advisor rather than a pure plain vanilla digital-only solution relying solely on ETFs. In addition to their transaction-based business, Motif has incorporated some elements of social investing into their core offering to drive up client engagement.

Motif Capital Management has registered itself as a large advisory firm (as well as RIA) and Motif Capital Management has indicated that it has over $361 million as Regulatory Assets under Management. Motif Capital Management publicly indicates that they have two compensation arrangements, namely a percentage of AuM and license fees from models and indexes. Almost 99% of their accounts are currently non-discretionary.

Motif’s external funding is around $130 million from various well-known venture investors such as Norwest Venture Partners, Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan.

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