Digital wealth manager Moneyfarm was founded in March 2011

Moneyfarm was founded in early 2011 by Paolo Galvani and Giovanni Daprà. Moneyfarm launched in Italy in April 2012 and expanded to UK in July 2015 and launched in UK in early 2016.

Moneyfarm has adopted an unusual hybrid advice model for independent robo-advisory firm as they have also have their own financial advisors as well as lite brick-and-mortar presence.

Moneyfarm’s digital wealth management solutions are available both directly to investors as well through partnerships with various external financial services companies.

Currently Moneyfarm manages over €450 million, and they have managed to keep good growth momentum up at least since 2016.

Moneyfarm has raised a total of over €73 million in funding since seed round in March 2011.