Austrian fintech company was founded in August 2012

Austrian-based Wikifolio is an online investor community that allows traders to create and share portfolios called wikifolios (a kind of certificates), and traders will receive success bonuses for their good performance. Traders will be vetted, and their profiles and investment policy, as well as strategy, are publicly visible for everyone to see and confirm.

There are different kinds of portfolios available, and their asset allocation and portfolio management principles vary. The investors can freely choose from the available selection of wikifolios.

Traders will create investable wikifolios and investors can freely participate in them, e.g. Global Champions, Dogs of the Dow Low Five, and Abacus. The idea of wikifolio is to act as a matchmaker between traders and investors and to empower both sides with the wisdom of the crowds and social investing.

Wikifolio raised 6 million euros in Series A funding from six different investors, DvH Ventures and Speedinvest acting as lead investors, in Jun 2014.